Sequence 07: Living the Writer’s Life

The Gist

Ever since In Brief started, I've focused on the writer's craft, but rarely talked about the writer. Though really, the two are inextricable. So, in Sequence 07, I decided I wanted to talk about the soft topic related to authorship.

The Roster

  1. The Critical Need for Thinking Deeply [17Aug15]
    I believe that people tend to get stuck in a mental rut and too often fail to question their assumptions. They perpetuate what has always been done because it has been effective, but fail to wonder if there’s a better way. Therefore, it is essential for an author to think deeply on not only their craft, but their world view and assumptions.
  2. Five Stars Worth of Fun [24Aug15]
    Recently, I was struck by how it seems that we as consumers have lost faith in the opinions of expert critics. Instead we, being the normal, everyday sort, want to know the thoughts and experiences of other “normal” people. While this is good for consumers, it also represents a significant responsibility.
  3. Find Your Tribe [31Aug15]
    Though writing is often a solitary profession, long time readers of In Brief will know of my vehement opposition to the idea that writers must be hermitish loners. Writers need other writers and supportive influences to help them grow as individuals and authors.
  4. "Living" is an Active Verb [07Sep15]
    I often hear writers complain that life gets in the way of their writing time. I understand. Stress and exhaustion from work and the thousand other commitments of life is enough to overwhelm anyone. However, life is about choices. Some choices are made for us, and others we make for our futures.
  5. Refilling the Well [14Sep15]
    Though the best stories appears to be effortless when viewed from from the outside, creating a work of fiction requires a significant investment of mental energy. It is not enough for authors to simply write, but we must also live.
  6. I May Not be an Expert, but I Have the Internet [21Sep15]
    For a writer, the internet is both a blessing and a curse. We need to be critical in what we read, but if we are cautious, we have access to almost unlimited information.
  7. Worn Like an Ill Fitting Glove [28Sep15]
    Not all advice is one size fits all. Do what works for you and forget the rest.
  8. Walk Softly and Carry a Subtle Pen [05Oct15]
    Some writers make a platform out of controversy. I prefer to let my writing do the talking to people with whom I disagree.
  9. A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way [12Oct15]
    Writers no longer have the luxury of being able to ignore business in order to focus on their art. Where can you get the training you need to run your own publishing business? My suggestion is the Superstars Writing Seminar.
  10. Caring for Numero Uno [19Oct15]
    We are writers, but we are also people. It is necessary at times to take a step back from  the manuscript and address your own physical, social, and spiritual needs.
  11. The Art of Picking Your Early Readers [26Oct15]
    Writers are often are too close to accurately judge their own works, and so must rely on others for a clear perspective. But with so many eager readers out there, how do you know who to trust?
  12. The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent [02Nov15]
    Once you have your readers lined up, you need to tell them how to help you.
  13. The Art of Ignoring Advice [09Nov15]
    Your early readers aren't always correct. Knowing when to ignore them and trust yourself is a skill as much as any other aspect of writing.
  14. Enough Trickles Make a River [16Nov15]
    A writing career isn't a matter of doing well with a single book, but rather writing dozens of trickles that merge to form a single, stable financial stream.
  15. The Journey Begins, and Ends, with You [23Nov15]
    Only you can decide when your writing journey ends.
  16. Who Has the Power? [30Nov15]
    You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate for. The key to any successful negotiation is knowing who has the thing that is wanted, and how much they are willing to pay for it. Sometimes it's the writer and sometimes it's not.
  17. Everything is Forever on the Internet [07Dec15]
    Be careful what you put up in the public domain. You never know who is going to find it, or when.
  18. All a Matter of Time [14Dec15]
    How you spend a time is a significant statement of your values. There are very few things that "need" to be done in life, but many unpleasant things we choose to do. I have 70 hours each week after work and sleeping, and I try to make every one count. How do you choose to spend yours?
  19. A Professional is as a Professional Does [21Dec15]
    To be a professional, you must first act like a professional.
  20. It Isn't Easy Loving a Writer [28Dec15]
    Writers need a strong, understanding, and patient support structure to help us through the highs and lows of a creative career. However, appreciating them on the inside isn’t enough. It’s our responsibility to make sure they know it.


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