Sequence 03: Musical Musings

The Gist

I am a self proclaimed audiophile.  Music entertains us, inspires us and shapes our lives.  To the select few, it grants an immortality otherwise reserved for books and historical figures.  If music has such power, how can we learn from it, and in turn, take some of that power for ourselves?

The Roster

  1. The Writer's Infinite Playlist [25Nov13]
    I start the sequence with my love of music, in fact, my life may as well come with a soundtrack.
  2. Augmented Media: More than Blasters and Lightsabers [01Dec13]
    Media companies have been changing how we consuming fiction by mixing our media.  Pictures in books have turned into additional soundtracks in audiobooks.  The question becomes, how can we do this well?
  3. Souvenirs of the Moment: Establishing Emotional Nostalgia [09Dec13]
    Certain songs, like tastes or scents, bring back powerful emotional memories for me.  How, as an artist, do we harness this power for our own use?
  4. Musicals: Songs as a Vehicle for Plot [16Dec13]
    One of the defining characteristics of a musical is that the songs must push the plot forward, not just be a filler.  It is a very efficient form of storytelling.
  5. The Origins of a Romance [23Dec13]
    Establishing a romance is like taking two individuals and building a third character between them.  It starts with infatuation, expands through exploration and is first recognized with realization.
  6. Standing at the Brink of Risk [30Dec13]
    Why do humans make admitting infatuation difficult?  Though it is a perplexing human tendency, it does give us leverage as writers to complicate our character's lives.
  7. For the Love of a Friend [06Jan14]
    Relationships matter, and not only the romantic ones.  I have found that regular people can become unsung heroes for the love of their friends.
  8. Shaped by Family [13Jan14]
    I have found that it is the people you share moments with that impart true meaning.  Though different for each of us and our characters, it is our relationships that define who we are and who we can become.
  9. Shaped by Young Love: What I Needed at the Time [20Jan14]
    Young love is an important step in the discovery of self that all teenagers strive for.  Why then, would we cheat ourselves and our reader of that experience?
  10. Betrayal of Trust [27Jan14]
    Betrayal is harsh and damaging, destroying the status quo and forcing those effected to evaluate their lives and make changes. As a writer, that sounds wonderful.
  11. One Small Shout into the Dark [03Feb14]
    As a species, we are driven by our mortality to create, to send a shout out into the great darkness of the future in hopes that someone will hear us, recognize our time on this earth and acknowledge that we mattered.
  12. Keeping the Hard Times in Perspective [10Feb14]
    As writers, we have sole power over our reader's perspective.  Is the PoV we've chosen accomplishing our goals?
  13. To Write, One Must First Live [17Feb14]
    "Write what you know," isn't an excuse for not writing at all.  If you don't know, go research, go experience.  Live an interesting and varied life, then use those experiences to inspire.
  14. Professionals Don't Have Time for Lazy Days [24Feb14]
    With as busy as I have become in my road to being a professional writer, I have found that I no longer have the luxury of lazy days.  But, I still feel that way at times.  I should learn from Bruno, and channel that energy into an award winning work!
  15. Living Technologies: Advancement, Integration and Abuse [03Mar14]
    Technologies face almost Darwinian forces.  How it changes, integrates its way into society and put's pressure on those very same individuals is incredibly intriguing.
  16. A Technology to Change the Face of Entertainment [10Mar14]
    The entertainment industry has faced pioneer technologies that threatened to topple the status quo, much like the eBook revolution is doing to the traditional publishing industry now.  And yet, film and CDs still exist.  I'm skeptical that physical books will be going anywhere.
  17. Combining Resonance and Execution [17Mar14]
    To make art that will truely stick with an audience, you must have two things. The first is resonance, or the ability to touch and effect the individual.  The second is execution, the quality of the piece itself.
  18. The Fine Line Between Comedy and Insult [24Mar14]
    My time in live performance improvised comedy taught me that there is a close tie between truth and comedy, and an even finer line to walk between humor and insult. You see, a joke and an insult are good for many of the same reasons.
  19. Popularity - Digging Deeper than Dancing and Viral Videos [31Mar14]
    As writers, we need to be aware of our popularity, and how it effects our career. I believe that there are three main reasons for someone to gravitate towards a public figure, and that the Korean artist Psy hits all three in his viral video, Gangnam Style.
  20. The Soundtrack of the Writer's Life [07Apr14]
    As artists, it is as important to moderate who we listen to as much as what.  Remember the source of each voice, and modulate their volume in the cacophony of the universal dialogue accordingly.


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