Sequence 00: Guest Posts & Lagniappe

The Gist

This section is for all the posts that don't belong anywhere else.  I'll sort all the posts into 1 of 5 categories.

The Roster

Guest Posts - These are guest posts unrelated to any particular sequence.

  1. Do People Judge Books by their Covers? [20Jun13]
    A guest post from Monique Bucheger regarding her process for creating covers and deciding to do a rerelease.
  2. Using Emotions to Show [22Aug13]
    A guest post from Donna K. Weaver regarding how she brings variety and life to her emotional descriptions.
  3. Educate Yo'self: Tips for Becoming a Better Improviser [ 12Sep13]
    Kate Harlow talks about how to be good at an art form, you must experience as much of it as possible.
  4. Defining Improv as a Separate Artform [26Sep13]
    Matthew Arisheh Falkenburg discusses how he sees Improv comedy as the next big boom in stage performance.
  5. What the Princess Said [10Oct13]
    Steam punk novelist Quincy Allen discusses the differences between business and art.  Breaking in requires some flexibility.
  6. Observations on Character and Storytelling Brought to Life [ 24Oct13]
    Acting student Josh Bolla sends out a plea to all writers.  Please, please, please!  Give us something to work with.
  7. Legendarium [07Nov13]
    Preston Cobb, renaissance man, speaks about mythology and how to cheat exceedingly well.
  8. Mastering the Outline [21Nov13]
    Patrick Sullivan discusses his technique of outlining, and how it has shaped his writing life.
  9. Lying: A Folk Art [05Dec113]
    Justin Smith discusses how he grew up with a family of storytellers, who turned lying into a folk art.
  10. Kick-Starting Inspiration [19Dec13]
    James Orrin discusses one of his writing lows, and how JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson helped pull him out of it.
  11. What Makes a Book Sell? [23Jan14]
    Diana Nixon talks about her new novel, The Souls of Rain, and the struggle to see improved sales as a indie author.
  12. Writing, As Heavy as a Mountain [20Feb14]
    Poet, novelist and blogger M Zane McClellan addresses his struggle with self identity, his journey into being a writer.
  13. Confessions of a Self-Published Author [06Mar14]
    Amanda McCarter shares her secret love for self-publishing. For her, writing is a business more extensive than just the words on the page.
  14. The Stories of My People; Or, Why Scientists Write the Best Science Fiction [20Mar14]
    Nicole Larsen, a PhD physics candidate from Yale, discusses why she thinks that scientists write the best science fiction and points to a long legacy to make her point.
  15. Improvised Writing with a Group [03Apr14]
    Kate Harlow is back to talk about pretending her way into writing with the help of some improv players and games she has found helpful to that end.
  16. My Writer's Path [17Apr14]
    RJ Terrell writes about his life as a writer - what keeps him busy and what he wants to see from the craft in the future.

Original Fiction - Here I share things that I've written.

  1. The Ending of Days [09Jan14]
    I wrote this piece while riding the emotional turbulance of loosing both my grandmother and grandfather in the space of a month.  It isn't biographical, but it does show the emotions I was working through at the time.

Promos & Reviews - Posts about projects, seminars, books and other things I support.

  1. Being a Pro is Learning Like a Pro [05Apr13]
    A post anticipating Worldcon and Superstars Writing Seminar 2013.
  2. Expectations and Hopes Rewarded: Superstars Writing Seminar 2013 in Review [22May13]
    My review of SSWS 2013.  In short, it was AWESOME.
  3. Monique Bucheger's Cover Release Week [16Jun13]
    My good friend Monique rereleased her Ginnie West Adventures books with new covers and I was able to help her with her blog tour and give aways.
  4. Shine Like a Superstar [10Jan14]
    Superstars Writing Seminar helped me take my first step as a businessman.  I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their writing, and am looking forward to my return this year.

Internet Jewels - During my meanderings across the internet, I run into all sorts of content that I wish I had someone to discuss my thoughts with.  I'll share them here when I find them.

  1. Kevin Spacey on the New Face of Media [28Aug13]
    Kevin discusses the changes he has seen in how consumers relate to media and the trends he has seen in TV and online video broadcasting.  For me, it raises some interesting questions regarding writing as well.
  2. Looking for Inspiration in Nature [19Sep13]
    Looking for inspiration for your next great animal story?  Turns out, nature isn't a bad place to find it.
  3. Breaking Misconceptions: What Sound Does Drawing a Sword Make? [03Oct13]
    People who have ever used a weapon know that many authors get it wrong.  Don't own a sword?  No worries.  Nikolas does, and is perfectly willing to share.
  4. Emma Coat's 22 Rules for Phenomenal Storytelling [17Oct13]
    I love Pixar movies.  The storytelling is just awesome.  Pixar storyteller wrote a series of Tweets sharing some of the secrets and the folks at PBJ Publishing made this great infographic!
  5. Where's the Money in Horror [31Oct13]
    Halloween has turned into a huge commercial holiday, but where does the money go?  How can we, as writers, get a slice of that pie for ourselves?
  6. Patrick Stewart's Response to Domestic Violence [14Nov13]
    I've always admired Patrick Stewart, but like him all the more for the stance he takes in comforting this young woman.
  7. Thankful Symbolism [28Nov13]
    Ever stop to consider the symbolism surrounding Thanksgiving?
  8. Is Your eBusiness Ready for Christmas? [12Dec13]
    More and more, people are spending their money digitally.  Are you ready for this holiday season?
  9. The History of the Humble Christmas Tree [26Dec13]
    This infographic shows how the Christmas Tree has evolved in form and function over the years.
  10. Your Life in JellyBeans: What's Really Important? [01Jan14]
    With the new year, I wanted to share this visual representation of our lives.  It really gave some perspective to me.

Motivational Moments - Sometimes I like to step up on my soap box and share some thoughts that have been bouncing around.

  1. Your Writing Black Belt [01Feb13]
    I am a writer because I write, not because of anyone else's approval or permission.  Writing is part of who I am and I will write until the day I die.  Are you?
  2. Finishing What You've Started [18Nov13]
    I've never reached the 50K word goal for NaNo, but I did finish a book.  What's more important?  Winning or finishing?

Writers Helping Writers - These are posts about writers in need of assistance.  Tribe takes care of tribe.

  1. Ben Farland's Bookbomb and Fundraiser [09Apr13]
    Post promoting all the fund raising efforts rallied when Ben hurt himself long boarding.


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