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Want to read something by Nathan? See below for selected published works and the various outlets where you can purchase them. If you want a signed copy, please feel free to contact Nathan directly and arrangements can be made!



The One Horn to Rule Them All
Edited By: Lisa Mangum (Deseret Book)
Published By: WordFire Press

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Synopsis:  Unicorns, with their single ivory horn, are elusive and magical creatures of myth. Yet even more elusive are the purple unicorns.

First sighted at the Superstars Writing Seminar, their legend has grown year after year until it could only be contained in this anthology. Nineteen storytellers, including Peter S. Beagle, Todd McCaffrey, and Jody Lynn Nye, as well as new and rising authors, invite us into worlds both near and far, across a desert oasis, a pet shop, a Comic-Con exhibition floor, and more, and show us the many variations of purple unicorns, from the imaginary to the actual—and one very memorable half-unicorn, half-potato.

 One Horn to Rule Them All is an unforgettable collection of imagination and creativity. So, saddle up, and take a ride beyond the rainbow.

All profits benefit the Superstars Writing Seminar Scholarship Fund.

Nathan's Contribution: The Girl with the Artist's Eyes (Story 12)
When Walter Sams finds a horn of magical wish fulfillment, he uses it to turn himself into a golden-age superhero just in time to save Stan Lee from a crowd sourced kidnapping and ransom scheme. It is up to Catalina, and her best friend George, to manage Sams' incompetence and save the day despite the hero's best efforts.


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