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Want to read fiction written by Nathan? As I continue my way along my publishing journey, I'll periodically update my Selected Published Works page.

The Sequences of In Brief

By design, In Brief is organized thematically into twenty week sequences of posts designed to provide variety while avoiding authorial and reader whiplash.  Agree? Disagree? Comment below.

  • Sequence 08: The Stories I've Loved - 04Jan16 through Present
    It's our love of story that first pushes us on the road to create. In this sequence, I want to talk about those pivotal pieces of fiction for me.
  • Sequence 07: Living the Writer's Life - 17Aug15 through 28Dec15
    In which I visit the soft topics of being a writer, shifting focus from craft (for the first time) and onto the writer.
  • Sequence 06: Making Milieu - 23Mar15 through 10Aug15
    In which I delve into the details of a milieu and ruminate on the best ways to build a world.
  • Sequence 05: Tropes and Archetypes - 08Sep14 through 23Feb15
    In which I examine popular tropes and archetypes and contemplate on how to utilize and subvert them to greatest effect.
  • Sequence 04: On the Shoulders of Giants - 14Apr14 through 01Sep14
    In which I look to the greats, both past and present, to mentor my own writing and career.
  • Sequence 03: Musical Musings - 25Nov13 through 07Apr14
    In which I allow music to inspire my thoughts on writing and how I can use the lessons learned in songs.
  • Sequence 02: Improv - 01Jul13 through 14Nov13
    In which I ruminate on my on-stage experience and how it influenced both my storytelling and authorial style.
  • Sequence 01: MICE Quotient - 11Feb13 through 24Jun13
    In which I discuss why Orson Scott Card's MICE quotient is one of the preferred tools in my authorial toolbox and how I use the concept.

The Fictorians - A group blog in which I am a permanent contributor.  The Fictorians tackle monthly topics from twenty different perspectives to provide wide ranges of views. CLICK HERE for a complete list of Nathan's posts on the Fictorians.

The Author's Think Tank - A group blog run by a pair of friend for whom I make guest appearances. This blog is a dedicated group of authors helping each other reach their full potential. CLICK HERE for a complete list of Nathan's posts for The Author's Think Tank.

Vision and Verse - I met Carol through social media, and we immediately hit it off. It wasn't long before she asked me for a blog post to help celebrate her blog's anniversary and the rest is history! CLICK HERE for a complete list of Nathan's posts for Vision and Verse.



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