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I have always known that I was a storyteller at heart, though I thought that writing novels was a relatively new development.  It was a passion that I picked up in high school and abandoned in college in favor of live-performance improvised comedy and table top RPGs.  I rediscovered the joy of writing down my fiction during my senior year of college. It was my way of facing the reality that I was about to move away from everyone I knew and wasn't likely to perform on stage again any time soon. It wasn't until I was packing up all my belongings in preparation to move 1,100 miles for a job I only held on paper that I discovered the truth.

I was taking a break from hours spent deciding which of my possessions would survive the culling when my mother asked me if I intended to take anything from my box.  My reaction was straightforward and unabashedly surprised.  "Wait... what box?  I have a box?"

Mum led me deep into our seldom visited basement storage room and helped me drag a large plastic crate, gray for the layers of dust caked into the burgundy plastic, out into the living room. To this day I'm shocked that that much dust existed in the whole house!  As I dug through yearbooks and two decades of memorabilia, I found my first manuscripts. I then spent the evening reading through the stacks of short stories that I had written while I was learning to read for the second time (French literacy hardly counted in an American elementary school, after all).

I was, well, a fourth grader.  But a prolific fourth grader.  The simple stories were the beginning of a journey of learning, self discovery and experimentation that would lead me to my first completed manuscript and this blog.  I hope that you will stick around with me to find out where it all goes next.  If nothing else, it promises to be fun!

I am Nathan Barra and I am a writer.  I have been since the days I first learned to read.  Published or unpublished, I will continue to be so until the day I die.  It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


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