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The Blog Circle

  • Quincy J Allen - Cross Genre Writer, Literary Mech Warrior in Disguise.
  • Kary English - Writer of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and the Occasional Wierd Tale.
  • Nancy Greene - Mommy, writer, lawyer who lives on a farm with far too many animals. Writing fantasies about characters that live and love.
  • Have a blog and want to become a member of my blog circle?  Contact me at author[@]NathanBarra[dot]com

Other Projects I'm Involved In

  • The Fictorians - A group blog where writers tackle monthly topics from twenty different perspectives.

                 07Jun13 - From the Ground Up: Milieu Shaping Myths - If mythology is an integral part of
                                       the human condition, why is it any less important in prewriting?
                 01Jul13 - Based On Your Best Selling Novel - Thoughts on creating adaptation friendly fiction.

                 25Jul13 - Instinct: The Devil is in the Details - How can a writer use the authorial levers
                                       provided by instinct to improve his/her writing?

Projects I Follow

  • Writing Excuses is a collaboration between Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler and Dan Wells providing fast paced dialogue about writer's craft.  Have fifteen minutes to spare?  Give them a listen!
  • Kevin J. Anderson is the author of over 120 novels, 52 of which are best sellers.  Looking for a man who knows the craft of writing and the buisness of publishing?  Look no further!
  • In his Daily Kick in the Pants, Dave Farland provides insite and motivation regarding writing and publishing.  Never heard of Dave?  What a shame.  Did I mention that he runs the Writers of the Future contest?  Maybe you've heard of some of his former students?  Brandon Sanderson?  Stephanie Meyer?  Eric Flint?  Yeah, I think he's worth listening to as well.


  • This blog and the phoenix quill logo were designed and implemented by Megan O'Keeffe.  See more of her work at http://cargocollective.com/okeeffe.


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