Zen Pencils – The Two Wolves

One of my life goals is to have my writing mean something. When I was growing up, I can remember stories that touched me and helped guide my decisions and personality. The cartoon I share with you today is one such work by Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils.

I first saw this Zen Pencils cartoon several years ago and it left a lasting impression for me. At the time, I was struggling with a situation that was bringing out the darker emotions and was looking for a way out that would allow me to be happier and more fulfilled in my life. The cartoon reminded me that I alone was responsible for my choices and my outlook on life. It's very powerful.

Finally this cartoon has been made into a poster and I know just where I'm going to put it. 🙂 I hope it means as much to y'all as it meant to me.

Source: 94. The Two Wolves


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