Saturn Eclipses the Sun

As I go about my day to day, I often forget how truly breath taking our universe can be. I think many of us have that problem, and it is therefore essential that we take time out of our day every so often to gawk in wonder at the magnificence of our universe. In 2006, NASA's Cassini spacecraft spent about 12 hours in the Saturn's shadow and took this wonderful picture of the planet while it eclipsed the sun. Amazing, right?



Want to see something amazing? Look at this cutout. See that pale blue dot? Yeah. That's the Earth. Feel small yet?


NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day featured a similar image back in September of 2011 with a brief, yet interesting, explanation from a professional astronomer. It's worth checking out. For a large, high resolution copy of the picture, click here. I hope this inspires y'all as much as it did me. Have a good weekend!

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