Valspar Color for the Colorblind

I've wondered for years what it would be like to be color blind. Until someone told you that the colors you were seeing were different from everyone else's would you even know? How would it effect your every day life? All are impossible to say for sure. If this new technology goes where its implications are leading, however, colorblindness may mean something entirely different.

And apparently, the discovery that makes it possible was entirely an accident. I love those!

This video shows is a story, as most good sales pitches are. More importantly, it reminded me of a few things that are important for a good story. Notice how it starts with a bunch of testimonials? The film makers are giving the problem of colorblindness a human face. They are making the problem personal. This is a pitch for your investment in these people and not just the vauger problem colorblindness represents. They hit you in the feels. Look at the pacing, slow and deliberate, giving you time to absorb what the video is saying and think about the implications. The music is calm and instrumental, enough to keep your mind occupied in the moments of "silence" but hardly noticeable otherwise.

Next the go into the scientific explanation of the theory behind colorblindness. Much of the modern world trusts and believes in science, so this is comfortable for us. It also defines a problem and implies that this problem can be solves. I particularly like how they have those moments of examples that show what common objects could look like to someone who is colorblind. It creates a great deal of sympathy and empathy for these people and their struggles.

Then they go for the feels all the harder. It's amazing watching people experience something new, especially when their reaction is tearful wonder. They deliver on a promise in a way that is satisfying and whole. It's a story that I won't forget any time soon.


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