Pixar Storytelling Rules

Last year (or maybe the one before), Emma Coats tweeted Pixar's Rules of Storytelling. I actually have the poster framed and it has been on the wall of one of my favorite work spaces. I remember growing up with Pixar moives, loving the characters and the stories. To this day, I'm excited when a new Pixar release is announced, because those guys are AWESOME.

Recently, one of my best writing friends brought this 10 video series to my attention. In it, an animator from Bloop Animation discusses in more detail many of the same concepts summarized in Emma's tweets in clear, concrete and approachable terms. Definitely worth your time! There's something a bit weird about how they were uploaded to YouTube, so "episode 1" is really 10 and "episode 10" is really #1. Simply click the button next to the word "PLAYLIST" in the upper left hand corner to pick your own order.


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