Your Life In Jelly Beans

It is difficult for the human mind, or at least my mind, to process the concept of how much time we have to work with in a life. Every year, I look forward to and think about all the time I have to accomplish my goals and experience the world. Paradoxically, I also look back every year and wonder where the time has gone. So, I've started making it a tradition to watch this video every New Years. It's a sobering reminder that puts life into perspective.

Take the time to do what you love today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today. Laugh and love. Bring joy and fulfillment to your own life. No one can or will do it for you. The effects of concentrated effort are cumulative and repeated action towards a goal gains the momentum of habit. Choose to live deliberately. Today.

Those who have followed In Brief for a while (and thank you by the way) may remember this video from the first Thursday post of 2014. Well, I think it is important enough to rewatch at the very least annually. This video is quickly becoming one of my New Years traditions, and as such, I share it with y'all. I hope y'all find as much enjoyment and inspiration from it as I do.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2015 be filled with awesomeness and joy for each and every one of y'all.


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