The Gift of Books

A Guest Post by Colette Black

Every year, we start the holiday season with a frenzy, a day so dark we call it Black Friday. Now, if you enjoy Black Friday, please don’t take offense, but you have to admit it kind of goes along with the Black Plague, the Black Spot, and other notorious Black days. Black isn’t all bad. After all, my last name is Black, and my first anthology is called, The Black Side. And Black Friday isn’t all bad, but sometimes it feels like a precursor to the kind of craziness that brings anything but happiness. It depends, I think, on our approach.

Now, what does this have to do with writing? More than you might imagine. I like receiving books and bookstore gift cards for Christmas. I imagine that all of the people reading this do. Books are a common holiday gift, which is why I had a launch party for my most recent book, Desolation, the Friday before Black Friday. For December, I also agreed to a book signing at the local Half Price Books, a Christmas party with my local writing group, a virtual Christmas party with Clean Indie Reads (CIR), and I’m participating in a book bash holiday party for fans through CIR. It’s a bit crazy and I wonder if my fans are going to enjoy hearing about party after party promoting my books. I doubt it.

My point is this. In all we do for promotion, let’s take the time to think about our readers. Take the time to thank them, wish them happy holidays, maybe post some ideas for reducing stress, or just take the time to make them laugh. With all the rushing around, our readers might appreciate an online ambiance that so many of us enjoy with our books at home; the feeling of cuddling up in a warm blanket, a hot beverage at our side, and an awesome book between our fingers. I encourage all of us to keep our holiday marketing in perspective and try to make the holiday season enjoyable to the fans. Maybe they’ll buy books, and maybe they won’t, but maybe we can help them relax and smile. That’s a gift all of us need at this time of year.

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Colette Black lives in the far outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona with her family, dogs, and a mischievous cat. Along with books, she enjoys seeing new places, spending time with family, and living among the cotton fields. She has published two books in her Mankind's Redemption series: Noble Ark (winner of the 2014 Howey Award) and Desolation; an anthology that shows The Black Side, and is a contributing author to One Horn to Rule Them All: A Purple Unicorn Anthology.
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