Laniakea: Redefining Our View of Space

One of the most fundamental steps to defining any scientific discipline is deciding what to call things. After all, when only a couple hundred people in the world truly understand a topic, they need to ensure the nomenclature they are using is effective at expressing thoughts and ideas. As a young researcher and engineer in training, learning these terms was one of the biggest challenges I faced. In fact, dense and specialized nomenclature is often one of people's biggest complaints against reading scientific literature. Even better, when you are the first person to discover or describe something, you get to name it, so a single paragraph may have words derived from half a dozen different languages.

However, spending time arguing over what we should call things made a sort of sense to me, while it frustrated some of my peers. I think it was because I was both a writer/storyteller and a scientist. I understood the significance and power of words, and the importance of choosing them carefully.

Recently, it appears that a group of scientists have recently tried to redefine how we view the concept of a super cluster. It's the sort of concept that requires pictures to really get. So, instead of me trying, watch this video I found on Nature Video's Youtube Channel! Prepare to have your mind blown by the scale of it all!


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