Value is Relative

When world building, I often consider the impact of economics on the daily lives of characters. Yes, large scale trade and finance are important, but stories are about people, not nations, so I find it essential to approach the milieu from that perspective. When I was younger, my parents tried to communicate to me that wealth is a relative thing. To a man struggling to buy a taco, $100 may be life changing, at least in the short term. To a rich socialite puff, $100 may be beneath notice. As I've grown older, I've come to understand those principles a bit better, and include them in my writing.

As an engineer, I spend my life dealing with numbers, and how to represent that meaning in a clear and concise manner. As such, when I stumbled upon this gem, I had to collect it for my own stash of interesting resources. You see, it's not just the man desperate for a taco or the socialite puff that see $100 differently. We all do.

Metro Price Parity_Value of 100DLLS

I have reposted this map with direct permission from the Tax Foundation. For this map and more, visit



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