Solar Roadways – Too Cool Not to Share

I found this today while allowing a blog post to settle for a bit before editing. At first I was impressed, then skeptical and now I want to help. The IndieGoGo video enumerates a number of benefits, from environmental to aesthetic, that come from this program.  I'm personally as excited for the Tron like roads as I am having a solar driveway that will never be shoveled. It's a WHY AREN'T WE FUNDING THIS? Sort of idea, but the truth is, we have the chance to fund it right now.


Marketing Video [Solar FREAKIN' Roadways]


Introduction Video [IndieGoGo]

As an engineer in the energy sector, this has me very excited.  Is it possible? Yes.  Will it happen? Maybe.  Without proper funding, it definitely won't. The government has already gone in for $750,000, and the private sector has raised over $825,000 in the space of a month. To me, the possibility is worth the investment of my time in researching the project and my own personal capital.

I considered using this for this week's Thursday's Thoughts, but by then the IndieGoGo campaign will be almost done.  So, I'll share it today as a bonus Jewel of the Internet.  I've donated, please watch the video and decide for yourself  if this is something you think is worth supporting. In the time I have taken to research and decide that I too want to support this idea, SolarRoadways has raised over $10,000. How much can we raise in the week that remains?


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