Important Steps to Successful Blogging

A Guest Post by Ava Waters

There is need to know something about your aims and objectives for blogging. Blogs would be aimless and featureless without the motive and motivation to educate, enthrall and enliven. Many people blog, but only few blog successfully and with their target audience uppermost in their mind. There is need for you to set the motive of blogging and pursue it wholeheartedly.

For some it could be to promote some products, services or utilities, still others wish to create online friends and for yet others it could just be a passing fad, or pastime. Whatever it is, it is important that you are well set about your goals of blogging.

Readers and seekers would need to know more about blog owners and their credentials. So it is important that your profile is also up for show. While major personal data like the name of your pet is not important, it is necessary to provide motivating and precipitating factors that underpin these features and what one wishes to gain from such blogging. It is also necessary to provide background data on the merits of blogged products and services and what advantages they create and profess.

Blogger should not only blog for themselves. It also needs to serve social goals and be useful and informative to others too; self-serving blogs fade over time. Besides, readers would be reluctant to spend time on blogs which have no content, use or readability. So, blogs need to be like crime thriller movies, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats till the final curtains are drawn down.

The who’s, why’s and where’s are indeed crucial, especially if you are at entry level stage. It is important to know about blog users, where they spend time online, what could they expect to gain by visiting your blog? As a matter of fact, the blogs must be made with an eye open for users and readers.

Conciseness, correctness, regularity and consistency are preferred hallmarks of good blogs and go down well with readers. Blogs need to cater to wider audience who could also evince and sustain interest in the blogs. Blogs could also be viewed as advertisements for varied goods, products and services and must highlight major features. If you could ensure that your blogs are open, focused, candid and straight-from-the-heart, it could gain you a lot of admirers. They also need to have high visibility without being overbearing or presumptuous and offer interesting roundups on topics of common or shared interests, and for which readers could also share their views, opinions and experiences.

Successful blogs do open new avenues for caring, sharing, conversing and opining and would also need to respect, consider and place forth views contrary to one’s held opinions- thus, finally it is also important to seek readers to share posts. They need to share their views and opinions as comments on your posts. Sharing opinions means that they are really interested in your posts and could possibly come back for more.

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4 Responses

  1. SerenaMikell says:

    My advise is blog as often as possible and try to have a post at least 3 times a week.

    • Nathan Barra says:

      It’s a thought I’ve heard repeated over and over Serena. However, you have to balance out the work for the blogger, wouldn’t you agree? For me, if I were to blog that often, I’d never get any fiction done!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Interesting opinions. I think a lot of people would disagree that bloggers can’t blog for themselves. A lot of bloggers start by just writing for themselves. If people read it and like it great! But I think stressing about the little stuff gets in the way of just plain writing.

    • Nathan Barra says:

      Good point, Kimberly. In the end, I started In Brief for self-improvement as much as community. At a certain point, we all want our work to be read and appreciated. However, so long as the blog accomplishes my original goals, I’ll be happy. I hope to see you around here more often!

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