Professionals Don’t Have Time for Lazy Days

The Lazy Song
Bruno Mars
YouTube     Lyrics

I remember the first time I heard the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. I was in the company pickup, driving towards a job, and he came on the radio. My crew and I had a good laugh at the lyrics, and I remember humming it to myself throughout the day. The very first time I listened to it, the song got stuck in my head. When I think of this song, I see two lessons that I can take away as a writer.

First, creative types don’t have the luxury of lazy days.

I get it. Every so often I wake up and just don’t want to do anything. My word count comes slowly, and with great effort. I would much rather search the Internet for funny pictures, spend hours in front of the TV, nap, or clean my apartment. Distractions build up, and my writing grinds to a halt. On those days, I have to remind myself of something very important.

I am a professional. I do not currently make enough for my writing to support my living, but someday I will. To accomplish that, I must act like a professional today. I don’t get to skip my day job because I don’t feel like working. Neither do I have the privilege of missing deadlines because of a lazy day.

Rumor has it that the Lazy Song was written when Bruno was hanging out with a couple of his friends, and they really didn’t want to work. What a pro! He channeled his lazy day into an award-winning song and music video.

The second point I take from this song is the importance of knowing your brand and audience.

I recently heard Bruno Mars described as, “the man who sings what every girl wants to hear.” As much of his success has come from love ballads like Grenade and Just the Way You Are, I must agree. Recently, he has been expanding his branding to include the image of a catchy pop singer with songs like the Lazy Song and Mary You. Bruno is also a very clean singer and performer. All these aspects make his brand. As an artist, Bruno has gained my trust through a legacy of quality releases. This ensures that I’ll follow him as he experiments with his image and brand.

Writing is a performance art projected over space and time. It is essential then, that we learn from one of the music industry’s top performers. When having a lazy day, channel that desire into your creativity, and make something of it. Professionals don’t get the skip work. Also, establish a brand and legacy of quality, and your consumers will follow you from project to project. To be a professional, one must act like a professional.


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