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One year ago, I was about to launch a blog, “In Brief,” in which I sought to start conversations and build community. One year ago, I was still riding the glow of finishing my first completed novel. One year ago, I was certain that I was on the path to becoming a “professional” writer.

Turns out, one year ago, I was just a hobbyist.

I launched my blog, but I couldn’t seem to stimulate traffic or traction for the first few months. I worked on editing my book, but realized that I had no idea how to go about actually getting it published. I tried to meet and connect with other writers, but found that all these people seemed so far ahead of me. I wanted to learn, but had no idea where I was going wrong or how to start.

The problem was that I had been so focused on making progress in my journey as an artist and a writer that I had not even put my first foot on the path to becoming an independent businessman. Unless I did, until I learned the skills I would need to succeed as a professional, I would never be able to manage my writing business as anything other than a hobbyist.

On May 13th, 2013, I took that first, significant step. That day, I drove from my home in West Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I checked in at the Hilton Antlers hotel, cleaned myself up from a day of travel, and made my way downstairs to the room in which I would spend the next three days becoming a part of a community.

Superstars Writing Seminar is the most intensely focused font of information designed and catered to the needs of a young writing professional that I have been able to find. The seminar answered many of the questions with which I had been struggling for months and helped me find the community I had been searching for. It wasn’t the end of my businessman’s journey, in fact, I ended the seminar with more questions than I began with. The difference was, now I had the foundation and community to start seeking my own answers. I paid good, hard-earned money for Superstars, and it was worth every single penny.

So much so, that I paid to go again this year.

In just over three weeks, I’ll again be making the drive from West Texas to Colorado Springs. I’ll bring with me a whole new set of questions and leave with new skills.  I will meet up with old friends and leave with new relationships. I will take another step on the road to being a professional writer. And some day, with enough steps, I too will shine like a Superstar.

The tribe is gathering.  Where will you be when it does?

*   *   *

Superstars Writing Seminar is an annual seminar series focused on the nuts and bolts of the business of writing. Run by Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, the seminar’s faculty of instructors includes Brandon Sanderson, James A. Owen, David Farland and Eric Flint.  Each year, guest instructors are invited to provide varied perspectives of the publishing world. This year, Dianna Gill (Executive Editor at Morrow/Harper Voyager), Mark Leslie LeFebvre (Director of Self Publishing at Kobo), Lisa Magnum (Acquisitions and Product Assistant at Desert Books) and Jeff Brazell (CEO of The Modelers, a global market research company) will be providing their insights and experiences to the attendees.

The seminar will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado from 06-Feb-14 through 08-Feb-14.  Prices go up 15-Jan-14, so, for more information, see www.superstarswritingseminar.com.

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