Flash Fiction – The Ending of Days

This summer, I lost both my grandfather and grandmother in the space of a month.  I've never been particularly good at writing poetry, but I am rather fond of flash fiction to help vent emotion.  I hope you guys enjoy this piece.  It isn't biographical, but it was the emotions I was feeling at the time of the writing.


The Ending of Days
By: Nathan Barra

An old man sits on an uncomfortable chair, watching sixty years end.  Blue codes and rushing hands, flurries mournfully ending in silent moments.  A glance at the clock, a noting of time and the ending of two lives.

The room clears to silent stillness.  Standing, he shuffles and stoops.  A hand to her neck, lips to her brow.  A tear falling between two cheeks.

Sinking back, he rests his head and closes his eyes.  “He’s taking it so well,” they whisper, but fail to notice his breathing has ceased.


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