Kevin Spacey on the New Face of Media

While surfing the internet today, I found this jewel.  For a direct link to the Business Insider page I found it on, click here.

That was definitely worth the 4 minutes of my life I invested.  I hope that all of you agree with me.  Kevin makes excellent points about the changing landscape of the media scene.  Like Kevin, I've believed that piracy is often committed because the individual can't find the content they are looking for, in the media they wish to consume it in and for a price they believe to be reasonable.  Provide the content in an easy and inexpensive medium, and sale will increase while piracy drops.  Myself, I have increasingly turning to services such as Kevin describes for my entertainment needs, and have found myself immensely satisfied.

Thing is, he says it more eloquently than I do.

But what does this mean for publishing and writers?  Will we see a return of the penny serial?  Possibly.  Web comics already offer something similar, releasing a strip a day and then compiling all the strips into an attractive product for purchase.  Will authors start releasing their books an entire series at a time?  It's doubtful that full length novels will be done this way, just because of the lead time it takes most of us to write and edit a completed work.  That doesn't account for typesetting, proofreading, copy editing, cover design and the myriad of other processes that go into releasing a book.  But there is no doubt in my mind that to be successful in today's market, one must be prolific.

I'm very interested to hear what y'all think about his arguments?  Agree? Disagree?

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