Writers Helping Writers – Monique Bucheger

My good friend, Monique, has recently updated the covers of her books and is rereleasing them this week.  To celebrate the event, she is embarking on a blog tour starting tomorrow (Monday).  She'll even be making a stop here on In Brief this Thursday!  Please support both her efforts and the awesome people supporting her by visiting the blogs that are hosting her.  For a complete list of her planned stops, see Monique's Blog.

Also, to celebrate the event, Monique is hosting a Rafflecopter and giving away free stuff (such as a $25 Amazon gift card and books!).  Yours truly is pitching in and offering prizes (a 20K word beta read or a copy of my favorite craft book).  Rafflecopters are simple.  Visit this link and complete tasks  to earn entries.  Tasks are very easy.  For example, if you already follow my blog, click the link and claim the task 11th from the top (Follow In Brief) for +1 entry.  Leave a comment below for +2 entries.  See?  Easy!

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