Being a Pro is Learning Like a Pro

I began writing this blog with two goals.  The first was to become part of the writing community and the second was to improve my own knowledge and skill as a writer.  So far, I've seen the payoff on both goals, for which I'm incredibly pleased.  However, this blog hasn't been the only thing I've been doing.  I'm going to Worldcon in August, for one.  I've also signed up for the Superstars Writing Seminar in May 2013, a seminar focused in the building of a business as a writer rather than the nuts and bolts of of writing itself.  As far as I'm concerned, the membership fees have already paid off as I've become a member of the community that surrounds Superstars, a community that I didn't know existed before getting the invite to join.  It has been a community that has already been supportive and taught me a thing or two about my craft and my business.

I've never been to the seminar personally, but has received phenomenal reviews from a number of individuals I both believe and respect.  The cast of speakers is first rate and the program looks interesting and rigorous (see SSWS Schedule on KJABlog.com for details).  There will definitely be a review posted here when I get back, but until then, all I can offer is the testimony of those who have gone before me.

Superstars Published Testimonials
James Artemis Owen Blog Post
Kevin J Anderson's Blog Post

I hope y'all consider joining us in a month.  If time or money is too short, then there is always 2014!

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  1. Jess B says:

    Hope you have fun and I look forward to reading your review. 🙂

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