Promises to My Readers

I, Nathan Barra, do solemnly(ish) swear...

  1. To keep all In Brief blog post bodies under 501 words lest the eyes of my readers glaze over.  (read: not including the title).
  2. To honor the First Principle of Professionalism: Praise in public, criticize in private.  No excuses, ever.  I expect this courtesy of anyone who discusses on my blog.
  3. To be civil in all discussions regardless of how wrong the other person is or how much they deserve to be flamed.  I will be judicious in my use of caps lock and expletives.  I expect this courtesy of anyone who discusses on my blog.

I'll be using the above promises to all of you as the ground rules for my blog.  Please guys, keep me accountable to my word!

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  1. okeeffeme says:

    Good luck, Barra.

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